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With his first title in 2018 "Daddy's Arms," Fabian Ferguson began his journey and commitment to the development and promotion of children's books that feature Black characters. Bringing life to what is now F. Ferguson Books..

Fabian E. Ferguson

Fabian Ferguson was a marketer who dreamed of becoming a writer until he decided to take matters into his own hands one day. Today, he’s a successful author and proud owner of  F. Ferguson Books, a children’s book company devoted to uplifting Black authors and Black lead characters.

Driven by his passion for creating stories for his son that he wished he had had as a child, in 2018, Fabian wrote Daddy’s Arms about a father and son’s adventures and launched his own publishing company, F. Ferguson Books LLC, shortly after. Fabian followed Daddy’s Arms with Jackie Wins Them All , a children’s book about a sixth-grader who wins every competition, and his recent release, In The Mirror , an inspiring tale of self-affirmation for children, which recently earned the coveted Kirkus Star, a designation awarded to books of exceptional merit.

Fabian is a first-generation Panamanian-American, born and raised inBrooklyn, NY. He now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife and children.When not writing books, Fabian Ferguson spends time behind the camera. He is also an accomplished wedding photographer, having been published in bridal magazines like Black Bride and Adirondack Weddings, to name a few.