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In The Mirror
In The Mirror
In The Mirror
In The Mirror
In The Mirror

In The Mirror


In the Mirror is an inspiring book of self-affirmation for children. It tells the story of two siblings who embrace themselves for who they are and appreciate the little things that make them stand out. From their sweaty, wrinkly brows and their curious little eyes, all the way to their strong little chins, these two little kids see the goodness in everything!

This book will teach kids the values of resilience, self-acceptance, and positivity. If you are looking for a book that will help grow strong, confident little boys and girls, this is it.


Professional Reviews


“From the first page to the last, this inventive, beautifully illustrated tale affirms a child’s value.” - Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


“This picture book reminds kids they’re much more than what they see in the mirror.” Book Life Reviews


"The picture book In The Mirror expresses the beauty of self-acceptance and positivity while building healthy views of people as individuals." Foreword Clarion Reviews


IN THE MIRROR is a cheerful, upbeat book with bright, joyful illustrations, a positive message and two delightful child protagonists with whom child readers can readily and easily identify. Indie Reader


This Book Is Great For…

  • Guardians who want to teach kids the value of confidence and inner strength
  • Dads who want to encourage their kids on how to work hard and be resilient
  • Moms who want children to know that it is okay to feel their feelings
  • Grandparents who want to have a stronger bond with their grandchildren, and teach them the importance of integrity and reaching for their dreams

Why Your Kids Will Love “In The Mirror”

Encourages Individuality
This book is an amazing children’s story that teaches kids to welcome and embrace what makes them unique. By encouraging individuality, it helps them build self-confidence.

Tickles Their Fancy
Since children possess the wildest of imaginations, each colorful illustration has been made to tickle their fancy. They will focus on every detail when you turn the page.

Cultivates Curiosity
It invites readers’ own curiosity as they think about their own special traits. Guardians or parents can work to cultivate this curiosity further for their children’s development.

Creative Approach
It invites children to take on self-affirmation in a creative way. This makes the process of learning easy, fun, and unforgettable for both children and their parents or guardians.


What Sets "In The Mirror" Apart?


It will stand the test of time, no matter how many times the pages are flipped. You can pass it on from one generation to the next!


Not only will children enjoy listening to their parents read this book, but the creative, colorful, and detailed visuals will delight them.


F. Ferguson Books are written by a Black author, specially made for children of color– often not represented in children's books.


Even parents and guardians whose primary language isn’t English will find it enjoyable and easy to understand.


Our books feature protagonists that the child can relate to, empowering them to feel that they can do and be anything they aspire to be.

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